New York Post’s False Reporting

Things move slowly in prison compared to the free world due to prison rule, etc.; because of that I did not see the copy of the NYP article that was written about the cannibal in myself until over a week after the public received it. It is riddled with lies and foolishness. I called Jamie Schram (the reporter who did the phone interview) and demanded that he print a retraction due to the lies and misrepresentation in it. He asked me to read the lies to him. I began with the headline after each lie. I told him I never said that. One example is in the interview he asked me what I thought about Dalmer and what was my first impression of him? I told him I did not have one and his article said Scarver didn’t think much of Dalmer, He twisted my words. Mr. Schram said that what I called lies are actually “lead-in statements.” I told him they were lies that mislead readers. He began yelling. In the middle of his rant, I told him prison calls are recorded by officials, so evidence that he lied exist. He quieted down enough for me to ask him if anyone else that he interviewed ever said that he lied on them. He answered yes. I asked him how many people had accused him of this? He said he did not know the exact amount. I asked him for his supervisor’s name; he said that his supervisor would also refuse to print a retraction, because his supervisor is his editor and took part in writing the article. In his rant, Schram implied that he told one lie simply because I would not answer all of his interview questions.

Eventually, he relented and put his editor Eric Lenkowitz on the phone. I explained the situation to him; he asked me about the lies. I explained that I never said that I hated or despised anyone. I was never fired from any job while free. I never said I feared for my safety. I did not say that I believed it was no accident that I ended up alone with the two deceased nor that the officials wanted either of them dead. Lenkowitz said that these are not lies because they did not put quotation marks around these statements.

I made many mistakes in my life. The worst of them happened over 20 years ago when I was a youth. I take full responsibility for them. When Schram wrote me a year ago and asked me to do an interview, I told him I did not feel that speaking to him about the cannibal (in me) would do anyone any good, that I turned my life around, and if it didn’t benefit our struggle for the tools of effective rehabilitation programs I had nothing to say. For months he kept asking and gave me his word that he would equally cover his interests (which was Dalmer) and my interest (the need for effective rehabilitation tools and program opportunities). He lied about this as well. As his falsified article spells out, it says nothing about our struggle for the tools to improve ourselves. It is overwhelmingly about his fixation on Dalmer.

In conclusion, I am shocked that I have received as many positive responses on the web site because there was nothing good in that article to respond to. To reiterate, I made many major mistakes in my life and the quest for the reason why people cold snap as well as for the means of preventing such criminal ideation has been central to my personal rehabilitation program.

It is unfortunate that people like Schram and Lenkowitz (in a position of power) would rather relish in a sensationalized story about a cannibal dead for over 20 years rather than a story about fallen citizens (i.e. prisoners) who take responsibility for past behavior and who are fighting for the tools necessary to better ourselves.

In light of the facts, (and the prison’s phone records) Schram’s article says more about himself and the New York Post than it says about anyone else. The other people who call Schram a liar, as Schram said himself admitted in the phone recordings, should be interviewed about him and asked why they, too, accuse him of lying about them.

36 thoughts on “New York Post’s False Reporting”

  1. I just read the piece you were talking about and it mentioned you wrote poetry. I never would have found your blog post if I hadn’t been intrigued. It’s such a shame that they manipulated your words like that, especially considering all of the important insights you could have shared about life in prison and reform. At first I thought “Huh, interesting article” but now I’m just annoyed. The article was morbidly interesting, but it COULD have been educational and truthful and retained the same level of interest. Keep on writing and try not to let that asshole reporter get to you. I just wish reporters were more concerned about public perception of prison inmates. That article presents you as “the guy who killed Dahmer”, not “Christopher Carver, reformed man and poet”. At the end of the day he defined you by the actions you took, not the person that you are. That’s just wrong. And unfortunately, way too typical for men and women like you who have difficult and violent pasts. That’s why it’s so hard for ex-cons to get jobs, causing them to go back to their criminal ways. It happens because instead of judging the man, they judge a past action. But people are worth more than their worst moments in life. Goode for you for not letting that guy keep you down.

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    1. My husband and I just returned from visiting Christopher. We are his only visitors in 20 years. This was our third visit. I can’t tell you how much it meant to come home to find your comments on his blog. Your understanding of his situation is so important. I copy the blogs and mail them to Chritopher. This is a big boost for us.

      Eileen and Christopher

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      1. No one has visited him? That is surprising. It seems like he’s really trying to turn his life around. Bless you and your husband for being so kind.

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  2. “Schram’s article says more about himself and the New York Post than it says about anyone else”

    -I couldn’t have put it better myself. They just wanted to sensationalize a story, not address the truth or the humanity in you. They ALSO ignored the most important art of your life, which is that you are a changed man. As commenter Jess stater, that is definitely a common reaction to the stories of once-violent people. This perception and judgement is such a problem for poor and high crime areas. Now I’m going to email the NYPost (who will probably never read it, but what else can one do) and tell them that they ar perpetuating ideas that are harmful for ex-cons who have reformed, for convicts that might have a chance at reform, and for areas with high crime rates. Because when they focus on the sensationalism of murder and murderers, they allow the public to ignore the fact that there is still hope to reform people in prison. That we need to improve conditions in prisons and high crime areas. And when people read articles that de-humanize reformed men like yourself, it just makes it easier for society to say “let’s throw away the key and lock these crazy guys up. They aren’t like US. Let them rot in jail”. It absolutely perpetuates the belief that men and women who have committed crimes and violent acts are monsters (or “different” from “ordinary” people), when really the people with criminal histories are victims of cicumstance (and their own poor judgement, oftentimes- not trying to say people aren’t responsible for their actions). They are just people like you or me, and articles like this make it seem like prison inmates and people like you are crazy or somehow different from the rest of society.

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    1. A changed man? Why is it so easy for so many to casually dismiss his past (and present) as a hardened criminal Murderer just because he managed to articulate one blog well enough to create the illusion that he’s a well-adjusted, intelligent man? Everyone “turns their life around” while imprisoned and/or seeking parole or pardon. Everyone “finds God” or Buddha, Allah, “insert deity here” while Incarcerated. The difference between him and “normal” humans is that he acted on impulses on multiple occasions regardless of how he attempted to justify same. Sure, Dahmer deserved the cruelest manner of death possibly achievable, but Christopher is no less evil than Dahmer and no less deserving of our disdain. A changed man. HA!! I do not gamble, but should I do so, I’d bet my life, my house and my future on the fact that this man and 99.01% of all his Incarcerated peers would and will keep the recidivism rate rising, if released. And those like you hereinabove who defend or encourage him so ignorantly are more likely to be their victims than the cynics like myself.

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      1. No less evil than Jeffrey Dahmer? Holy shit, pal. You ever heard of Jeffrey Dahmer? Know what he did? I think you’re making a false equivocation.


      2. Also you should really look into why recidivism rates are how they are. Prison doesn’t reform people. I feel as if you’re woefully out of touch. I’m not defending Scarver or any particular criminal. I’m saying that if you think our prison system is peachy and recidivism rates are solely on the inmates rather than the system that encourages them to stay convicts then you really don’t have a good grasp on reality.


    1. What a massive consolation that must be to this animal’s victims and their families. I know that if somebody I care for were ever to be murdered, it would be enormously important to me that the scumbag responsible maintained the ‘hope and energy’ to continue to grow.

      This thing does not even have the grace to do the one thing in his power to grant his victims some modicum of respect, which would be to rot away in silence. Such lumps of flesh should be used for medical experiments and such. They most definitely should not be communicating with real people from behind bars.


  3. It’s disheartening to read about how you were portrayed so wrongly. You sound like you’ve grown a lot and it’s a terrible thing that the author of that article would throw that away just to gain more viewers.

    Please, don’t let anyone bring you down.


  4. Well, tell Chris Sam from Westlawn says hi… (white Sam)

    He is kind of a legend now with the ol’ folks from the Lawns (they tore that down now.. did he know?). I can go on about my feelings about the details but this isn’t the place (just deleted a whole page worth of stuff here)..

    So, take care, stay strong.


      1. I will try, or I will try to find the old John Muir Year book. If I cannot tell him I was Michael Sanders friend and neighbor. Not too many white guys there… If not, no worries :).


  5. I really was impressed with how you conducted yourself in your phone call asking for a retraction. You stuck to the facts, laid out how things were changed or never said and spoke of integrity. To hear both journalists speak of lead-in statements and quotation marks changing whether they made up (lied) facts and misstated your responses is appalling. But how they lied to you that isn’t evident in the article was the worst betrayal.

    When I read that he kept after you for months to get his article and only got his interview when he told you that the article would also focus on rehabilitation and your other concerns and grievously failed to do so… I just wish there was an ethics committee he could be hauled in front of to be forced to answer for moral violations further reaching than just lies.

    I’m glad you have a platform to redress what they refused to correct. I am very impressed with your passion for reform and belief that past mistakes, even serious ones, do not have to define a person for the rest of their life. I wish you all the best and I am happy you have supporters like Eileen.

    You are strong to reject people like Schram trying to define you, and saying their behavior only defines them.



    1. The Post is not mainstream media. It’s a trashy sensationalistic tabloid, little better than Fox News. I haven’t heard any recording of Mr. Carver’s interview with the Post, so I don’t know if he was misquoted, but given the Post’s history, I wouldn’t be very surprised.


  6. Stumbled on your blog from your website didn’t really get to see the blog until i browsed through a second time. If this is a disclaimer it should probably be like a “Banner” on your main website and designed like a Url that leads here. Cus just like someone said i only saw your website from the article of NYC times itself when it said you wrote poems.(at least they could say something good)and am not one to click “options” under located at bottom of webpages( or is it just cus am on mobile?). was intrigued to see your works.i’m a poet, Loved “the journey to maturity 1&2” would love to post it on my social page ( with reference to you of course.) keep writing and daze our conscience with longer writs. Big ups.

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  7. Hello!

    A group of librarians who serve the underserved have begun the search for the best books for youth that live in poverty, on the streets, in custody – or all three.

    There are three annual book awards for top titles – top fiction, top nonfiction, and Social Justice/Advocacy award.

    Christopher’s book, The Child Left Behind, has come to our attention and I would like to request review copies for committee members. Addresses for all committee members can be found here:

    Here is a description of our charge:

    In the Margins Committee

    What is it? A group of Librarians under the umbrella of Library Services for Youth in Custody seeking out and highlighting preschool through adult fiction and non-fiction titles of high-interest appeal to boys or girls, ages 9-18, who may fit into one of all of the following categories:

    · multicultural (primarily African American and Latino)
    · living in poverty, on the streets, in restrictive custody or all three
    · reluctant readers

    The books

    The committee will select and review the best books of the year, specifically for the population listed above. Titles of interest may be unusual, possibly unreviewed, have multicultural characters who are dealing with difficult situations including (but not limited to) street life, marginalization, crime, justice, war, violence, abuse, addiction, etc.

    You can find last year’s nominees on SLJ here:

    Last year’s top fiction award went to How it Went Down by Kekla Magoon, the nonfiction award went to Left for Dead by Ebony Canion, and the Social Justice/Advocacy award went to Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.

    Publicity featuring highlighted titles:
    YA Underground, a School Library Journal (SLJ) column will run reviews every other month or so throughout the year. Please see: for an example.

    There will be three annual book awards for top titles – top fiction, top nonfiction, and social justice advocacy award. The final list will be decided upon by this committee and run in SLJ. Books will be put on the Library Services for Youth in Custody website and Reaching Reluctant Readers blog:

    Please don’t hesitate to contact me, Maggie (the Admin Assistant) at if you have any questions.

    Committee names and addresses can be found here:

    Maggie Novario
    In The Margins Committee Admin.


  8. From what I’ve gathered thus far I can only assume that you won’t be able to read this directly so I suppose I’ll just have to write you a letter next week, but I can’t imagine any harm that could come from repeating myself. I thought you should know that I was moved by your poems and I’d like to send a poem of my own to you in my letter. I appreciated your insight that Schram’s article had more to say about his character than it did your own and I can’t help but agree that, beyond the context of the situation, everything we say has so much more to tell about ourselves than the story we choose to convey.


  9. Thank you for your response. I will copy it and send it to Christopher. He would like to hear from you.

    Christopher J. Scarver (117801)
    C.C.F. (G2-10)
    Box Number 777
    Canon City, CO 81215

    Eileen Mackin


  10. You fully deserve to be in prison because you got caught. I enjoyed reading how you beat J Dahmer to death! I don’t care why you did it, but it needed doing. I love it when psycho bullies are beaten into a bloody pool of mush with heavy metal objects. I do think they should give you a day pass to visit that reporter with your metal bar!


  11. Hey there, the New York Post lied about me too! They didn’t just sensationalize… in some respects they printed the polar opposite of the truth because it made for a better read. They also flat out made up a quote… not even a twist on my words, just a completely made up quote. I did a search on other people who have found themselves in this situation with The New York Post, which lead me to your blog. Sorry you went through this. I had a couple staffers apologize to me behind the scenes… on some level they must know that what they are doing is terrible and are probably used to people calling them out all the time, hence the anger. It’s therapeutic to write the truth.


  12. I only know the basics from wikipedia regarding your life. Today is 5/18/2016, I just read your blog post about the NYT extraordinarily misrepresenting your comments. I guess extraordinary isn’t really a proper term for this seeing as how all major news outlets do it all the time these days.

    If Eileen and Christopher are still around I hope they look into this and inform you. It is sad but all major news corporations agreed that the proper interpretation of FCC law states they are not obligated to tell the truth, their own internal corporate policy is the final arbiter of the validity of the content they air. The case that brought this about itself is extremely interesting to me as it deals with a corporation hell bent on patenting and owning all seeds (food), and.. life itself for that matter. Anyway they sued the stations reporters who were trying to expose the corporations own lies about the safety of their products. Look up “the media can legally lie” on, that happened around 2003.

    If you’d rather read something a bit more cheerful look up the book Desire of Ages. I’m so sorry as someone that has been locked up, myself. Never for nearly as long as you have been there, I can’t even imagine it, but truly sorry nonetheless. There are certainly plenty of people here on the outside that should be there in place of you. We live in a flawed world with a broken privatized prison system. Everything brings us to the point we are now and we can make the best or worst of it. Lots of ‘free’ and even wealthy people on my side of the fence live their lives in captivity without the ability to see the fence they’ve surrounded themselves with. I believe the other side to that coin is true- that even being on your side of the fence you can and will live a life of a higher quality freedom, true to yourself, free from the world, at peace with the truth.


  13. I’m wondering why you killed the other guy. Why not just kill Dahmer? I think it is great you killed him though. He is being punished way more by burning in Hell now than he was in prison


  14. Hello,

    I am sorry you were misrepresented by the media. We have many issues today with the mainstream media. I am not a reporter but a concerned citizen who stumbled upon government abuse a year ago that includes children. It turns out the problems exceeded my expectations, and it’s not reported at all, it’s actually covered up or twisted.

    During my research I came across something I can not look past about Jeffery Dahmer. I was just wondering if you could confirm or disagree based on what you know. As a society some of us are fed up with the corruption we have seen. We have message boards to share evidence and things we have found. If you would like to share your story word for word, with no editing what so ever, I can gladly copy and paste and share for you.

    My questions are simple can you confirm or disagree that you are guilty? Do you know if Dahmer really died?

    You can see any of my posts here:

    Which is a forum with no censorship. I will pray for you.


  15. This gentleman, Christopher, has only wanted what he deserves; his inteligence, honesty and straightforwardness testify about his honorable character, RESPECT.

    If people had only respected Christopher from the very beginning, just as he did, does and will always do, Christopher would have never been tempted to harm them. You see, you step on a man and try to break him for no reason other than disrespect, well, something might jump up and bite you!
    Peace brother Christopher, peace with respect and prayers and good wishes!



  16. I believe you have changed. I also believe you deserve to be in prison. i’m sorry. I implore that you use your gifts to help those around you. you have my respect.


  17. Dahmer should have got the chair. See this is why capital punishment exists, so that asshole’s like Dahmer can be turned into instant full stops. It could be said that whilst in prison, Dahmer claimed one more victim and now Scarver will never be free. Scarver is Dahmer’s last victim.

    It seems as if even in punishment, and even as a victim himself, an asshole like Dahmer can still wreak havoc in people’s lives long after his power to kill was taken from him. Should have got the chair, then his capacity to cause pain and further suffering is ended in an instant. The state failed all.


  18. I knew Chris before he murdered anybody. About a year before Chris’s first murder, I was head of the Wisconsin Conservation Corps’ Energy Team, which included Chris’s crew. Chris was a very intelligent and sensitive person, I shared his frustrations and that contributed to my having to quit as manager. We had a federal grant to modernize buildings to save energy, the program was developed ad approved by the former governor, but hated by or new governor who did what he could to undermine the program. What bothered me was that we promised our employees to work and train to help them enter the trades. We were not allowed to. pay a decent wage to hire experienced supervisors, so we hired many social work graduates, or others with good people skills, but not very knowledgable of basics in carpentry, plumbing or electricity.

    Occasionally I would be called because Chris would sit down on the job and withdraw from the group. I would sit down and talk to Chris and eventually, Chris would rejoin the group and continue working. From stories of other WCC employees, Chris became very frustrated ad discouraged and resorted to drugs and/or alcohol. Left the Corps only to return as work ended one day when only his former supervisor was there along with my replacement. Chris had a gun demanded money, shot the crew leader. The man who replaced me said he did not have any cash and asked Chris to take a check, proving that Chris’s motives that day were far more sinister, Chris said he would take a check. The Manager was fortunate to be much smaller and quicker than I and was able to knock the gun away and run away (I am a big slow guy).

    Chris being a smart sensitive guy was frustrated and tired with false promises, which permeated the inner city. He was tired of being lied to and made several choices that have shaped his adult life. I am glad that Chris has found a purpose in his lfe, I just wish he could have found a better path.


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